21 Days of Clients for Christmas

Some people commit to “100 Days of Gratitude”…

Some men do “No Shave November”…

Me? I’m Doing 21 Days of “Clients For Christmas!”

So what exactly IS #ClientsForChristmas?

It’s my holiday gift to you to help you not only attract– but book- the dreamiest of clients. For 21 straight days, I’m dedicated to going LIVE on my Alyght Facebook page! I want to help you catch up —>>> click on each link and get your re-play + all their juicy details:

Day 1: Are You Doing This ONE Thing?! if you’re trying to attract more clients? If not, you may not reach the people or goals you are aiming for! And you know what that means: less growth, success + unfortunately, cha-ching!

Day 2: Do You Believe?? Staying positive and knowing in your heart you will have the success you crave is a big part of a healthy mindset! Let’s dive into practices that help achieve the goals we have in our minds… and truly believe in.

Day 3: Defining Your Dream Clients So They’ll Think You’re a Mind Reader! <<—- Blow their minds by getting to the heart of what makes them tick!

Day 4: Creating Content That Your Dream Clients Crave! You want to add value to their lives that make them WANT MORE… and PS: Content can be exciting.

Day 5: The Core of Your Client Attraction Strategy <<—- You need to ask yourself these 3 questions before you can truly develop a strategy that attracts clients.

Day 6: Creating an Irresistible Lead Magnet! What it is, why you need it and how to create one that DRAWS IN the clients you’ve been looking for! Spoiler Alert: SUPER IMPORTANT!

Day 7: Creating Your First Sales Funnel <<—– One of my oh, so favorite things to do! Sales funnels work bottom line… and this is HOW!

Day 8: Let’s Get You Booking More Discovery Calls! How many discovery calls do YOU need to convert for more sales? We’re diving into that and dishing the ways to provide a valuable call that helps book more clients in the long run.

Day 9: Why Should Your Dream Clients Choose You? With so many options out there, you need to learn to stand apart from the crowd. Price-competing!? No thank you… follow this advice instead!

Day 10: Making Connections! I CANNOT emphasize enough how important making connections is for your business. Online or in-person… get out into your community or online space and help support one another. Psst… it will lead to more #ClientsForChristmas <<—- I promise!

Day 11: Understanding the Buyer’s Journey There are 3 stages of the Buyer’s Journey– did you know that? Let’s talk about what they are, a few challenges to expect, and the solutions to get past any hurdles.

Day 12: How to Structure Your Services to Attract More Clients (& Income!) <<—Only small offers but nothing to scale to? A services page with only big-ticket items? No bueno, friends… here’s what you need to do to expand your offerings!

Day 13: How Much Time Do You Spend on Revenue- Generating Activities? You should make these things a priority on a daily basis… watch and find out if you’re on the right track!

Day 14: How to Write Content That Gets You BOOKED! I’m dishing on WHAT to say + HOW to say it, to get your message across. All of my best practices for compelling content that speaks to your dream clients! Plus, a special guest appearance- but you’ll have to tune in to see who!

Day 15: Optimize Your Online Presence + Create a Rock Solid First Impression Do you have everything you need to WOW on the first look? These are the things you need to do just that.

Day 16: Real Talk: Marriage + Entrepreneurship GUEST LOVE EXPERT—> My husband! We’re asking him Q’s about being married to an entrepreneur… and all that goes with it.

Day 17: How to Capture Conversion-Boosting Testimonials Did you realize that testimonials are considered a part of your MARKETING? It’s not just about tootin’ your horn… you need testimonials that will help other potential customers TAKE THE LEAP!

Day 18: It’s All About the Follow Up! Are you losing clients by not mastering the follow-up?? What are the steps AFTER the first call- and what do you do if you don’t get the client.

Day 19: Creating Systems + Leveraging Automation <<—- This is ALL ABOUT SAVING TIME! Have a list of constantly repeated tasks on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? SPOILER ALERT: Automate those bad boys!

Day 20: A Framework to Simplify Your Marketing + Boost Your Return on Investments Do you find yourself wanting to do #AllTheThings in life + business? Trust me, I get it… but it just doesn’t work that way. Get this framework now to hit the goals you have!

Day 21: It’s Always Time to Celebrate! As an entrepreneur are you consistently celebrating these two things?! If you’re not… start now!

Can you believe we’ve made it through 21 days of #ClientsForChristmas!? Save this post and check back in every so often to get all of my tips, tricks and secrets for attracting + booking swoon-worthy clients all year round <<—- And isn’t that the best gift ever?

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