Episode 037: Success Is No Accident

If there has ever been any part of you that has been wishing, waiting, and hoping for success, then this episode is for you! Do you have big dreams? Maybe you’re waiting for the right time for your dreams to come true but what if the right time is now?

Success is no accident! It’s not something that just happens. You’re not going to wake up one day and have success fall in your lap.

Success is intentional and it’s intentional in several different ways. There are different elements of intentionality that you need in order to create success. 

  • Be Intentional About Your Purpose 
    • When I talk about intentional purpose, I mean that you need to know WHY you want what you want. You need to have a mission and a vision so that you know the impact that you want to make and you know where you are heading.
'The goal itself can't simply be to be successful. You have to know what that means and know what that looks like.' - Kathryn Binkley #inlightofsuccessClick To Tweet
  • Have an Intentional Mindset 
    • Your brain may not be wired to view things positively or to respond in an optimistic manner. You might wake up thinking about what can go wrong or what happened in the past. You have to be intentional. Success is a choice and that boils down to waking up every day and doing the mindset work that’s required to be successful.
  • Intentional Marketing 
    • We are talking about running a business here and that’s going to require some marketing. Intentional marketing is not just randomly choosing what to work on but, instead, knowing what to focus on. You need to have a very intentional and strategic marketing plan in place so that you can focus on the revenue generating activities that you need to do every day in your business.
  • Intentional Action 
    • You have to move forward every single day! It is not enough to know WHAT you need to do, you must also take ACTION.
'Success isn't going to happen if you're wishing, waiting, and hoping.' - Kathryn Binkley #inlightofsuccessClick To Tweet
  • Intentional Growth 
    • It’s easy to create short term success. Creating a sustainable long-term plan that is successful is difficult. Success is found in intentional growth rather than growth for growth’s sake. Be intentional and grow your business in a way that will create long-term success.

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