Episode 000: What Does It Mean To Be A LIT Ladypreneur

Welcome to The LIT Ladypreneur Podcast! I am so excited to bring you the very first episode! Today, I am going to share my mission for the show, my background, and of course, a little bit about my amazing family. 

  • My mother herself is an entrepreneur and has been a tremendous role model. She has taught me these two things:
    • You have the potential to do, or be, or have anything that you want
    • To be fiercely independent 
  • My mission is to help women see their potential and build a life and a business that lights them up! No need to choose one or the other… you can have both!
  • So, what does it even mean to be a LIT Ladypreneur?
    • Burning with passion and being so excited because you’re working in your purpose and making an incredible impact
    • Living a life that lights you up and loving the life you’re living
    • On fire… you’re getting results left and right. Sure, you’re making an impact but you are also making money, booking clients, and checking off every goal that you’ve set
  • What does being a LIT ladyprenuer mean to you? Join me and continue the conversation in my Facebook Group!

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Do you know what it means to be a LIT Ladypreneur? Today, in the very first episode of the podcast, I am sharing my passion for helping women build a business +life that light them up! #thelitladypreneurpodcast

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