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Ready to stop standing still? You're in the perfect place to finally see your business take off... and you've already taken the first steps to do exactly that!

There's so much to be excited about:

  • Creating financial freedom once and for all...
  • The fulfillment of knowing you're making a difference...
  • And the control to shape your own business...

Except- you aren't seeing the results you want (or need) just yet, are you?

The once "big idea" is starting to feel like an expensive side hustle, leaving you overwhelmed and undervalued.

What happens next is textbook business sabotage: shiny object syndrome and analysis paralysis.

You won't move forward that way- we both know that- but you've also come too far to give up now... and you shouldn't.

Are you ready to finally get the confidence, clarity and direction you need to crush your big, beautiful business goals?

Let's Do This!

  • Up-level your online service-based business to consecutive 5-figure months.
  • Stop guessing what to do in business and get you the exact strategies you need to start earning BIG.
  • Get fully booked with your dream clients who don't think twice about paying you what you're worth.
  • Get the high-level, customized support and accountability you deserve to build a thriving business.
  • Create a business on your own terms - with the flexibility to work whenever and wherever you want.
  • Discover the clarity and confidence to crush your business goals.
  • Overcome the limiting beliefs and mindset blocks that are keeping you from your desired future.
  • Wake up excited about a life and business that lights you up!

Ready to work with me in one-on-one to up-level your business and crush your goals?

Join a group of like-minded, driven women who are on a mission to build a business that lights them up!



-Amanda D.

Working with Kathryn has been an incredible experience. From the strategic planning to execution phases, I have always felt that Kathryn really understood my business and what I needed to market efficiently and effectively. I've come to rely on her marketing insight.

-Sharon F.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Kathryn to assist me with ideas to move forward with my business. Since I work full time and am working freelance part time, I was feeling scattered and lacked focus. Kathryn provided me with concrete steps and goals that I can use to grow my business. If anyone is looking for an extremely helpful business coach, I would recommend Kathryn highly.

-Cris U.

I cannot thank Kathryn enough for all she has done. She has walked with us from the beginning, helping us to identify who we are and how best to reach our community. Kathryn’s marketing expertise and insight have been invaluable. I really appreciate her attention to detail and her thoroughness in helping us to be more focused and intentional. 

-Brooke S.

For all of you who are going to chat with Kathryn, you are going to LOVE HER! We chatted Monday morning on my way into the office -- what a fantastic, uplifting, and affirming way to start the week. Enjoy! 

-Neil C.

Alyght has been a Godsend. Kathryn is always at the ready to consult one on one, and to discuss possible areas of change and improvement. Her knowledge of marketing makes it easy and accessible even with those who are novices. I personally and professionally recommend Kathryn to anyone who is looking to improve in goal-setting, overall branding and marketing.